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Our Story…

Since our humbled beginnings in 2017, our founder, Valencia Warren, set out to cultivate a culture within the company that embraced and valued the individual stories of our couples. Long gone are the days where the husband was excluded from the process and individuality was stripped to accommodate tradition. We are now in an era where the couple is in control and deserves to be celebrated as a unit. With $1,000 and a laptop, Valencia created a model that allows for a communicative and organized process. She was able identify the inner desires of our clients and translate those unspoken desires into realities.

From full mock displays to tailored packages that solve even the most complex of situations, our model takes clients on a journey where the destination isn’t the end, but the beginning.

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Valencia Warren
Owner & Lead Designer

Tamekah Williams
Operations Manager

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Alexis Evans
Planner - Savannah Location