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Exemplary Designs by Valencia seeks to assist clients in developing a clear vision for their wildest dreams, and provide seamless designs, inimitable service quality, and superior execution to bring their vision to reality. This is accomplished by using proven strategies, professional networks and expertise, limitless imagination, and having a mindset for serving the interests of the clients. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.




Owner/Fairy/Lead Designer

Often times people get so wrapped up in the idea of love, marriage, and celebration, that they forget to acknowledge its essence - an indispensable quality. At the core of  every event is a unique quality that you can't find anywhere else. Something that makes you dance a little harder with the DJ, makes the food taste a little better…



Inimitable Experiences

At the core of our company lies our passion for people. We have mastered the art of executing flawless events and understand the importance of even the smallest details. But, our specialty is people. Every design, vendor, and meeting schedule is designed to cater to uniqueness of the people that we meet. Rather than producing a mass series of events, we space our schedule to be able to focus maximize our focus on one bride at a time.

We like to think of wedding planning as a magical process that results in a Walt Disney experience. Our talented team constantly stretches to achieve the most “seemingly” impossible designs. As Walt Disney once said “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”


We can't wait for the opportunity to serve.

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Now servicing DC, Maryland, and Virginia 

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