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Meet Valencia

Valencia Warren

Owner & Lead Designer

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Hello there!

Often times people get so wrapped up in the idea of love, marriage, and celebration, that they forget to acknowledge its essence - an indispensable quality. At the core of  every event is a unique quality that you can't find anywhere else. Something that makes you dance a little harder with the DJ, makes the food taste a little better, and causes an unexplainable wave of emotions to flood your soul when you see the bride come down the aisle for the first time. That essence rests in the people. 

I have planned many weddings and celebrations and each one is unique based on the clients I serve. This is why I joined the industry. Of course I am excellent at what I do and will move mountains to make things happen, but at the end of the day, the success of an event for me stems from meeting the desires of my client's heart. 

My role in the event is to dream as big as the client with design and work my operations manager and our small team to make the logistics of it happen. I have been planning for a long time, starting with tea parties in my living room, to hundred thousand dollar weddings at beautiful remote venues. This business is the opportunity to branch out on my own so that I am not restricted by conventional planning methodology, but empowered by client needs. 

I truly looking forward to working with you soon!