To flower or not to flower - That is the question!

Not a long post, but an important one! Before I begin, I should start with a disclaimer - I’m a flower snob, so always keep your personal vision in mind when designing.

I’m often asked about the use of flowers in a wedding. And, to be honest, even after the 30th time, I am genuinely shocked. The quantity of flowers is debatable of course, but the use of them - non-negotiable. Flowers bring about a multidimensional level beauty because it ties together key design elements with every bud. You get to experience texture, color, depth, and even fragrance with even the simplest of designs.

Therefore, I have listed a few floral alternatives below. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Low volume items can be just as impactful.

  1. Candles
    Candles are the perfect was to bring a lot of romance to your wedding while still making a big statement. Whether during the day or during the evening, it is a great way to warm the space. By adding in personal touches like photos, books, or collectible items, it will feel like your guests are talking a walk down memory lane in the direction of your future.

  2. Balloons
    I used to despise balloons at weddings because they can easily look cheap. But, balloon artistry has evolved and it is a fun way to add color and life to your event. Consider pairing with some patterned uplighting and light greenery throughout to be the talk of the season!

  3. Yarn
    Yarn poms closely resemble flowers like button mums, tiny dahlias, and alliums. They are easy to assemble with bridesmaids (not like we’re holding them hostage or anything, right?) and look best in small clusters. Pair them with branches for a more natural look.

  4. Succulents
    I love succulents! They can easily be re-potted and used throughout the house, or sold to recoup funds after the wedding. Succulents look best in muted color designs because they really get chance to shine.

  5. Paper
    Change the type of paper being used to created different effects when creating arrangements. A rule of thumb to considered when determining quantities and types is to use card stock or sturdy paper for items that require a lot of assembly or handling, and use softer paper list tissue paper for other areas.

Moral of the story - it doesn’t matter how you use them or honestly if you use them. Just be creative in how you choose to distinguish a wedding from a standard party when finalizing your design plan.

Valencia Warren