Guess who's all settled in!

So many of you have been following our story for quite some time. But, for those of you who haven’t, I’m always excited to share. I got my start as a planner back in 2011 working for a luxury wedding planning company in Savannah, Ga. After working there for sometime, I decided that I still wanted to complete my degree. That still did not stop me from dabbling into weddings as a hobby. Fast forward 7 years, I graduated and was still focused on building a new brand within the industry. Thus Exemplary Designs by Valencia was birthed.

The company yielded great success in the low country within the first year and I was able to bring on a few additional team members. I have visited the DC area quite a few times and was in love with how closely it reflected the Savannah aesthetic with more of a modern twist. So I went back and forth tossing around the idea of adding an additional location until one day a bride reached out to me about doing a wedding here - talk about a coincidence. Although I did not book that client, I took it as a sign to jump out on a limb and make the move.

Absolutely the best decision! Well today, I am excited to announce that we now have an office location! Hopefully you are planning on booking soon. So, when you do, we’d love to host your complimentary consultation in our beautiful space.

Valencia Warren